SHOWCASE 4 - Exotic Masks

This selection of masks are of the more ornate and exotic variety.
There are various styles and shapes and a host of colours and designs.

Each mask has been individually designed in consultation with the customer and then carefully created by me.

Some masks were commissioned for dance and theatre performances, others for special Masquerade events.
Some were made as a special gift, some for a significant personal event such as a 21st party.

The common theme is that these customers all wanted a mask that was dramatic and different.
They wanted to stand out from the crowd.

The resulting masks really do make a statement and they all have a "wow" factor.
If you are after something amazing, but you're not quite sure how it might look, contact me and we can design it together.

NB: prices for these masks are higher than standard masks to reflect their special nature  will always provide a quote for you


Here is a photo of one of my special Exotic masks "in action" - Marrisa, November 2019

In_Action1.jpeg     Marrisa-web.jpeg


 Exotic_2.JPG  exotic3.JPG  Exotic14.JPG  Exotic10.JPG   Exotic11.JPG  Exotic13.JPG George1.JPG Exotic16.JPG  Exotic17.JPG    Cheshire_cat.JPG teeth1.jpg Teeth2.JPG