I have always loved writing. I love languages. I love the essence of language. I love grammar. I love crafting sentences and creating verbal images. I've always loved capturing special moments in words. I love to share a good tale.

I have always loved to travel.  I have always loved to write about my travels.  I am now a contributing writer for a fabulous travel magazine Destinations.   It's an impressive publication, full of intriguing stories, fresh perspectives and stunning layout and photography.  I have been commissioned for a future article on my travels to Morocco later this year, and have an a couple of articles in the July-Sept 2015 issue, out now!  www.destinationsmagazine.com

On these pages you will find some of my pieces of writing. Some have been published or recognised in some way. Others are mere musings, tales to share.

The Short Stories section is self-explanatory.

The Travel Rambles page contains various travel tales throughout the years.

The Articles page contains articles that have been published over the years.

The Special Moments page contains very short snippets of memorable moments in time, in special places - each accompanied by a photo to help portray the sentiments.

I will be regularly adding to each of these sections ...

I'm in the process of honing and refining old written pieces that have been stored away for many years, in the hope of recrafting them into new writings. These include letters home during my time in the UK in the 1980s (which tell many a tale!), speeches written and delivered, various short stories, notes about various life events and observations etc  ... I realise that, though I've never kept a proper diary, I have a mammoth record of what I've been up to over the years, what I've observed and what I've enjoyed. The old brain cells contain much more material to work with as well!  I hope to capture it all and share the essence in an enlightening, relevant and upbeat way.

Meanwhile, I am also in the process of writing two novels - one is a realistic fantasy for children (a long time in the making - but good things take time!); another is a novel for young adults, which explores a fantastical solution to a perplexing problem.  Working on these novels is a long slow process, but they are coming together, being "road tested" and taking shape nicely. I hope they may be published some day.

My other major project is a concept/lifestyle cookbook, which focuses on enhancing your kitchen culture and covers much broader topics than just cooking.  It is not a recipe book, but a handbook to enhance creativity in the kitchen.  It is in the latter stages of completion. I aim to incorporate a body of my own artwork into this book, so it not only contains valuable written information, but also be a visual treat. It is not a recipe book but it contains recipes. It is not a cookbook, but it is a guide to cooking creatively. The main ingredient is creativity.  I hope this book will become a reality in the next year or so.

More writing news will be added as it comes to hand ...