On this page you will find photos of WOW Wearable Arts garments I have entered in the World of Wearable Arts Show held each year in Wellington.

I am pleased - and rather incredulous - to have now had eight garments accepted for six shows (as well as others not selected).

WOW is a truly international event and an amazing show.   Get there if you can!

I always attend the Awards Night (end September). It's a great privilege to be part of such an incredible and unique stage show that has become iconic on the local cultural calendar as well as gaining international recognition, with entries coming from all over the world. I can assure you it is a show not to be missed. Especially if you have a garment walking across that stage!

If you haven't seen it yet - put it on your Bucket List!


I have entered a garment for the 2019 WOW show - judging results come out 19th July - fingers crossed - I think this is my favourate creation yet!

My 2018 entry - called Minerva Maxima and a finalist int he show (photos below) - was also selected for display at the WOW Museum in Nelson.

Below - MY WOW ENTRIES, 2011-2018 (some photos courtesy of WOW, others taken by Richard Leonard at

FINALISTS ... these garments selected for show ...

"Minerva Maxima" 2018 WOW finalist - Reflective Surfaces Section - "Victorious warrior, savvy strategist, talented creative – wise deity of arts and science."
NB" The larger photo is of the garment on display at WOW Museum, Nelson

 MinervaMaximaSallyBlythNewZealand.jpg MinervaMaximaSallyBlythNewZealand1.jpg  MM_Exhibitions_for_web.jpg 




"Imperiana" 2016 WOW finalist - Costume/Film Section : Baroque/Rococo inspired - "Bold, audacious, controlled and lustrous, a coquette fit for an ornate palace."

Imperiana_front_-_Copy.jpg  Imperiana_angle_Copy.jpg Imperiana_shoes.jpg

"Visibility Wizardress" 2014 WOW finalist - Open Section - "a composition of magical vision and reflection".
Exhibited at the WOW Museum in Nelson, Nov 2014 to May 2015

 Visibility_Wizardress_2_-_Copy.jpg Visibility_Wizardress1.jpg  VW2.jpg 

On the WOW stage

VW3.jpg  VW4.jpg 

Created from spectacles and mirror tiles - a play on Harry Potter


"Budding Beauty" 2013 WOW finalist - South Pacific Section - "a feast of fronds, up down and all around".  (Created in collaboration with designer Sarah Jayne Kavali).
Exhibited at the WOW Museum May to Nov 2014. 

Front_Kick2.jpg  From_above1.jpg  Budding_Beauty_Side_twist1.jpg   

Budding_Beauty_Sally_Blyth_Sarah_Jayne_Kavali_NZ_2_-_Copy.jpg Budding Beauty in action on the WOW stage

Created using plastic strapping, cotton buds and mesh


"Green Green Grass" 2012 WOW finalist - South Pacific Section - elegant structure, natural tones, simple materials, green & clean - reflections of New Zealand.

This garment received an Honourable Mention on Awards Night, and is part of a video stream at the WOW exhibition at Te Papa Museum, Wellington

Green-Green-Grass-Sally-Blyth-Auckland-_0.preview.jpg   Green_back1.JPG
Created from woven placemats and elastic.

"Mexi-Kahlo" 2012 WOW finalist - Illumination Illusion Section - "a study in reverse chromatology - Frida Kahlo's style & finesse showcased in monochrome"

Mexi-Kahlo_2.JPG   Mexi-Kahlo_5_sitting_move.JPG

Created from lace doilies, wire, felt and wood.



"Vivaldi's Muse" 2011 WOW finalist - Open Section. "A Venetian Priestess, wrapped in iridescence and tradition, inspires a musical maestro"
This garment is part of the video stream of the WOW Exhibition currently on a World Tour.

Vivaldis_Muse1.jpg    Vivaldis_Muse3.jpg  Vivaldis_Muse2.jpg

Created using traditional Venetian mask-making techniques the garment is mostly made of artists' canvas and has a iridescent sheen.


"Hayfever Gone Haywire" 2011 WOW finalist - Illumination Illusion Section. This garment is fluoro, and glows and moves like it's alive!

This garment was on display at the Nelson WOW museum during 2012. 

Hayfever_Gone_Haywire1.jpg   Hayfever_Gone_Haywire2.jpg

Created from foam fruit packaging.



These garments were entered for judging, but alas, not selected for the show.  I am still proud of them, and they have had outings at other events.

"Meridian" - The Orient meets Arabian nights meets Bollywood in a feast of colour (2014 entry)

tif_rl_140605_50F8060.jpg tif_rl_140605_50F8092.jpg tif_rl_140605_50F8119.jpg

Created from old jewellery, chiffon, wool, brocade, flowers




"Pearl of Taha'a" - Vanilla, turquoise, pearls and a lively spirit – the essence of the tropics. (2013 entry)

Tahaa_Front.jpg   Sitting1.jpg

Created from ketes, hand-painted fabric, pearls and embellishments.



"Zannizena" - Beware the formidable bird woman warrior, she will captivate with her charm and trick with her guile. (2013 entry)

Front1.jpg    Zannizena_mask.jpg Back1.jpg

Created from belts, ties, washers, elastic (and more!)


 "She Shall Have Music" - Echoes of the Middle Ages – Lady from Banbury Cross meets Ladies of Camelot - with bells on! (2012 entry)

Bells_front1.JPG  Bells_back1.JPG

Created using hand-painted hessian, braid, metal (and more!)



"Masquerade Escapade" - The allure of Cirque de Soleil blended with the mystique of Venetian Carnivale.(2011 entry)

Masquerade_Escapade1.jpg  Masq_Esc_JOLLY_DetailA.jpg  Masq_Esc_JOLLY_Front_in_action.jpg

Created using belts, trims and embellishments.


"Bosom Buddies" - Two friends, two hats, glamorous tones of turquoise, and a silent conversation with the eyes...  all in anticipation of a successful day at the races! (2011 entry)

"Birdspotting" - The rare Crested Tit, usually resident in France, Iberia and Scotland, now spotted in Wellington. (2012 entry)

These were both entered into the Bizarre Bra category - but alas did not get accepted ...

Bosom_Buddies1.JPG    Birdspotting_2.JPG

Created using mask bases and embellishments




Budding Beauty, Zannizena and Pearl of Taha'a by Richard Leonard (Rik Media), model Sophie Best
Green Green Grass from WOW website (front view) and by Richard Leonard (back view)
Vivaldi's Muse and Hayfever Gone Haywire courtesy of WOW
Mexi-Kahlo, She Shall Have Music, Birdspottingby Richard Leonard, model Sarah Jayne Kavali
Zannizena and Pearl of Taha'a by Richard Leonard, model Sophie Best
Masquerade Escapade by Gary Brandon, model Melanie Hollingsworth