On this page you will find overviews of various travels I have enjoyed over the years. Travel has always been a passion and I've been fortunate to be able to do quite a lot over the years, for both business and pleasure. The main reasons I travel these days is to connect with friends afar, show the world to my kids, and to combine that with research and inspiration for my creative endeavours. Anywhere and everywhere is inspirational, you just have to look beyond that first glance ...

Rather than pure travel logs, these "ramblings" are written in a way that will hopefully transport you to the places visited, giving you a flavour of each, as well as relaying some of my adventures and quirky moments along the way. Through my writing, I try to evoke the feeling of actually being in that place, just as I do with my paintings.

So hopefully, as you read, my tales will take you to those places I have been. If you have been there too, you will no doubt relate. If you haven't, I hope you may feel you have journeyed there within your own imagination. And whet your whistle to go there too ...



In June 2011 my mother-in-law Muriel (nearly 91), my sister-in-law Vicki and I set off to Tahiti to cruise the Society Islands. Muriel had wanted to do a cruise for a long time, and after a spell of illness, the time was right to "just do it". It was a perfect holiday in every way, with many moments of hilarity and delight.



This ramble is the tale of a family trip to Europe and Dubai during September and October 2009. Read about the South of France, a cruise in the Mediterranean (covering France, Sardinia, Tunisia, Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Corsica), and the glories of Venice. Finish off with tales of time in Dubai.