Unique Hand-Decorated Masks

PLEASE NOTE:  Apologies - I will be unavailable between 26th to 30th September. 
I am a mask artisan and have gathered my inspiration from my own creative energy, as well as from research visits to Venice where I come home armed with new ideas, techniques and materials.


For many years I have specialised in creating one-off unique hand-decorated masks made to order to a specific theme and colour scheme, to match an outfit.


Nowadays, due to limited stock of the special bases I use for my hand-shaped masks (the machine that created them, here in NZ, has now been decommissioned), I am focussing on offering a small range of beautiful METAL FILIGREE and LACE masks. They are black with crystals - and I can also add colour tones, a hint of gold or silver, feathers, sparkle and various embellishments to personalise the mask for you and make it completely unique.


- If you are after a beautiful Metal Filigree mask - robust yet delicate - click here

- Check the Lace masks - they are flexible and a great budget option. 
- Check the Male Masks page for options for me.

- I can create a limited number of bespoke hand-shaped masks so if you have a special request for a specific mask (i.e. character, themed) and are happy to give me creative licence to create a special mask for you, I'm more than happy to take on a commission. Images are helpful.


If you are short of time and need a mask - ring me pronto on 021 480323!  I hope to be able to help you!

Also, do check TradeMe as occasionally I put masks for sale there - check the listings for Parasal (my Trade Me username).


I'm very happy to create and ship international orders using Paypal, but please contact me as soon as possible as we need to take postage time into account, as well as the creation process.

RING OR EMAIL ME AT ANY TIME and I will aim to help.   sally@masquerade.co.nz or 021 480323

 couple6.JPG  Dama_DOro1.JPG  Chinoise.JPG

A selection of bespoke masks - click here for more

  Travel_Conference_2016.jpg  Allegria_gold.jpeg  Vittoria.jpeg

A selection of metal filigree masks - click here for more

L23.JPG  Andrea_La_Vera.JPG  La_Vera_blue_silver.jpeg

A selection of lace masks - click here for more

If you have an enquiry, or an urgent mask requirement,
feel free to phone me on
021 480323



Feel free to contact me by email if you would like to place an order or discuss anything at all.

Or ring me on 021 480323 if you have any queries.

021 480323 


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