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  Hi! I'm Sally and this is the home of CREATIVATION ... masquerade masks, art, wearable arts and more



   Please take a look around the various pages on this site and get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information.


   If you need a Mask urgently, feel free to call me, Sally, on 021 480323 - I'll aim to assist!


  PLEASE NOTE I WILL BE UNAVAILABLE BETWEEN Wednesday 17th July and Sunday 18th August 2019




  Cover up ... or unveil ...
  Be who you want to be ...

  And know who you are ...

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Please note - after almost 20 years of creating Masks, I am scaling down my mask-making activities to concentrate on other work.

This is not an easy decision but I am expanding my work in the Travel realm, which will limit my capacity to create masks.

I have limited stock of lace and metal filigree masks, and a limited supply of bases from which I create my hand-shaped masks. 

I will not be renewing stock, so once they are gone, they are gone.


Please do enquire - I may have the mask you are after, or maybe I won't.


Into the future, I will aim to continue to create a limited range of bespoke masks by commission.

I will also continue to enter WOW, as time permits.


Aside from my creative work, I am a Personal Travel Companion, group tour leader and travel writer.


I specialise in offering a professional and bespoke Personal Travel Companion Service to help people fulfil their travel dreams.

If you want to find out more about my Travel work, please see my www.beyondlimits.co.nz website.

If you would like a copy of my Personal Travel Companion Service BROCHURE, please contact me or visit my www.beyondlimits.co.nz website!






Take a look through the Mask pages on this site for options and inspiration.

If you need a Mask urgently, please feel free to phone me, Sally, on 021 480323


Jolly3.JPG  Jester3.JPG





Browsing this site will give you a glimpse of artworks I've created through the years, as well as current work. 

I enjoy experimenting and developing my diverse style - but there is no doubt that I have found my niche and "happy place" in inks. I call it "Tinkering".


Check the ART SHOWCASE section to view samples of my art, and see the Events page for exhibition info.


If you like anything you see, please contact me to check if it is available for sale. 


Over_Yonder1.JPG  Ink1.jpg




I'm a Wearable Arts enthusiast and have now had eight garments over six shows - with my entry for 2018 being selected for the show this year!

Check the Wearable Arts page for an overview of garments that have been selected for the show through the years - and also those that weren't!


Budding_Beauty_Side_twist1.jpg  VM8.jpg

Left: Budding Beauty 2013

Right: Vivaldi's Muse 2011



Prices on this website reflect that you are buying direct from the artist, rather than through a gallery or shop.

Prices are based on a variety of factors, including size, materials used, complexity, creative input and time input.

My aim is to keep prices affordable so that my art and masks are accessible to all. I am GST registered.

Feel free to ring me at any time with any query - mobile 021 480323

Or email me at sally@masquerade.co.nz 

Check the Events page for past and upcoming exhibitions.




I look forward to creating for you! 



Sally Blyth

Auckland, New Zealand



www.beyondlimits.co.nz (my other website!)