This page contains articles I've written for various publications, over the years.


"Creativity at Work" by Sally Blyth, 2007

This article was commissioned and written for "Employment Today" magazine, Issue 118, March/April 2007.  It explores how organisations should be encouraging creative thinking and giving free rein to employees' creativity.

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"A Happy Birthday Story" by Sally Blyth, 1997

This story of my first birth (son Sam) was published in a new pregnancy journal based in the USA called "Your Pregnancy".  The initiator and editor of this journal was a member of the Maymoms group of which I was a member for many years. This was one of the first online pregnancy groups set up, back in 1995, when a group of women with babies due in May 1996 began corresponding via the internet. What a fabulous support network, during the early inklings of online internet communication. Most were based in America, but there were "moms" from all over the world as well, and together we forged global friendships as new mothers.

We talked about our pregnancies, other siblings, relationships, environments, work ... and this evolved into communication about our births, our babies (the Maykids) and our lives.  We communicated together as a full and diverse group for many years, exchanging stories, dialogue, advice, opinions, dramas etc, and we also published an annual Maymoms Yearbook.

I actively participated in Maymoms for almost 10 years and even today I still communicate with a number of the "moms" who I had a real connection with. In fact, I've even met a few.  When on a family holiday in LA in 2004, we met up with a couple of the California Maymoms and their kids and had a great lunch and Michael got to meet his Maybro!!  

A few years later I stayed with another Maymom and her family when I visited New York in 2006, which was fantastic. Her Maykid was born on the same day as my Michael. It's indeed a small world, all the better for linking up with others, however that may be.

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"Lapland" by Sally Blyth, 2003

This short piece was entered into a New Zealand Herald travel writing competition during the Christmas period of 2003. Writers had to evoke what they loved about a country they had never been. My piece was selected as one of 20 finalists. The winner was a gorgeously written piece about Cuba.

I was thrilled to be a finalist, one of 20 selected, and my piece was published in the NZ Herald on 30th December 2003.

NB: Ever since I was a young girl I've been intrigued by Lapland - "the land of the midnight sun" - one day I hope to see it for myself.