About Masquerade

I have always had a creative streak, since childhood, but a varied professional career lured me to work mainly in the not-for-profit sector, near and far, for many years. My work has encompassed project co-ordination, conference planning, administration/management, facilitation, travel and more, and has taken me around the world.

After successfully selling my early creative work, I decided I wanted to concentrate more on my creative capabilities as well as combine that with my facilitation and professional experience. I set up my own business in 2006 - Beyond - and have loved the freedom of being self-employed and doing what I love every day.

Learning and developing my artistic style through my own observation, research and experimentation during my adult years, I continue to draw on experiences of countries and cultures I have encountered, and using the various skills I have built up along the way.

I enjoy exploring beyond the known, striving to create the exceptional.

The Masquerade "mask" side of my work flourished over the years, beyond my wildest dreams - it seems that the mystique of the Masquerade event will never fade. I have created masks for people from all walks of life, for all sorts of events, including corporate, private and weddings. From smaller birthday celebrations to large-scale masquerade balls, my masks have been "in action" around town, and around the world for many years. I'm scaling back this side of my work a little, condensing my mask range, but am always happy to discuss your requirements. Contact me for more info.

Wearable Arts has become a serious pursuit and I've enjoyed success with eight garments in the WOW Wearable Arts Show in Wellington. Ideas are always brewing but it takes a lot of time and energy to bring those to reality. It's not easy to get accepted for the show, and gets increasingly more difficult each year with many overseas entries. I now feel well and truly part of the WOW community and go to the show each year.

To find out more about my travel and writing work, check out my Beyond website.  www.beyondlimits.co.nz


Sally Blyth - Artist Profile

I am an Auckland-based artist, designer, mask-maker, writer and traveller who enjoys creating and exhibiting a diverse range of works.  I have won several awards and a major highlight of my creative endeavours has been having EIGHT garments selected for the WOW World of Wearable Arts Shows, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018.  Some have also been exhibited in the WOW Museum in Nelson and on video stream in Te Papa. Minerva Maxima from the 2018 WOW show has been retained for exhibition in 2019.

Ink is a medium I enjoy working with immensely, and is the focus of current work.  The fluidity of ink enables real freedom to create.  I love that you can have a vision in mind, yet often the ink has a slightly different one. Controlling the ink in a chaotic way to get a wondrous end result is what I really enjoy. Blending colours, sgraffito, metallic leaf and creating intrique is all part of the joy.

Over the years I have painted in acrylic, oils and have always incorporated a wide variety of media into my work. Texture and iridescence are important elements and by adding subtle touches and embellishments, I always encourage you to look beyond your first glance.

Inspired by countries, cultures and eras of time, I am constantly devising innovative ways to evoke a sense of a particular place and time.  A symbol, a colour, a word, an image, an impression, a mood ... if the viewer can recall the feeling of being in that place; gain the desire to be there; experience that moment in time again ... then the art has done its work. Often I use my own photographic images within the artwork.

I have learnt my techniques largely through my own observation, research and experimentation. I actively network with fellow artists, and spent time in France under the guidance of an abstract artist. This experience enabled me to develop my own abstract style, which is constantly evolving. I have also been to many mask shops in Venice to observe the craft of the Venetian mask artisan, and bring some of the secrets back home to my studio.

Working from my home-based studio, I am forever experimenting with new styles and techniques, always on the lookout for fresh ideas and inspiration, and enjoy travelling far and wide to find them. I do occasional exhibitions. Anyone is welcome to view my work at my home studio in Auckland.


Beyond is my Travel realm business (Personal Travel Companion)  www.beyondlimits.co.nz
Masquerade is my Creativation art brand  www.masquerade.co.nz